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Safe at Home

What if your home took care of you instead of the other way around? Your home should be your haven, even when your needs change. Sometimes easy modifications, such as improving lighting, changing door knobs to levers that are easier to use and touchless faucets in bathrooms, can make you more secure and comfortable in your own home. Aging in place design is about preventing problems, not just solving them.

Aging in Place

Aging in Place design is not just about getting older. Good design is good for any age. Lifelong Home Renovations is pleased to offer convenience features that provide flexibility, as well as comfort. We specialize in safety enhancements and other modifications that can help you or an elderly parent stay at home as long as possible. Renovations may include:

  • Wider doorways and hallways to accommodate reduced mobility
  • Curb-less shower entries to avoid tripping or the need to lift up legs
  • Installation of handrails or grab bars in bathrooms and showers
  • Pull-out shelves in cabinets for easier access
  • Modified-height countertops for use standing or while seated
  • Raised electrical outlets for easy access without bending down
  • Lever-style doorknobs to replace traditional knobs which require twisting
  • Easy-open windows

Your aging in place remodel begins with an in-home consultation. We discuss your vision and create a custom plan to meet your changing lifestyle needs.

As a licensed General Contractor, we manage the specialists to deal with all parts of home renovating, including electricians, plumbers, tile installers, etc.

A Lifelong Home Renovations remodel includes planning, permitting, project supervision. Our master craftspeople ensure that your remodel is a smooth and seamless process!

We take extra care to ensure you can stay in your home comfortably while the remodel takes place. We pay extra attention to cleanliness, dust control and other environmental factors ensure that you, your family and pets are not exposed to construction contaminants.

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